Cantomucad Macaques

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Philippine Macaques after the 2013 earthquake?

In Loon Tourism’s aim to revive the once haven for these creatures, Tourism officers visited the place to have a closer look and a keen observation of the current status. You can clearly see in the photos how dangerous it is for tourists to visit. Dodong Pabs also added that you can never visit without any locals (better yet Dodong Pabs himself) because these monkeys may get so aggressive and mad.

Funfact and other details:
They do eat ice candy and lollipops and those are their favorites [somehow]. But we would like to discourage this due to the garbage it may accumulate and these kind of food are not in their natural diet. These animals normally feed on fishes, shells and crabs so we need not to worry about their survival. We will still plan for reviving the boardwalk but feeding them of foreign food on a regular basis may be discouraged.

Thank you for so much love and concern we get from all of you. Continue them by giving us suggestions on how to take care of these lovely creatures. 

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